By jcadima on

Jonathon-IsomEntrust is important to me because they give me support on the job. They also lift my spirits about my job. I am a people person, and kind and considerate. I would like to talk to people in schools with intellectual disabilities about where I have been and how I got to where I am now. I would also like to buy a house. The Service Representatives and Job Coaches at Entrust have introduced me to the group for Personal Advocacy and Leadership (P.A.L.) which is giving me the support I need to be able to speak in front of people.

If someone is considering going to Entrust for help, I would tell them that they are a great company. Entrust has people on staff that I can talk to when I need their help. Being intellectually disabled does not stop anyone from doing anything and reaching their goals. Anyone with a disability should not let people tell them that they cannot do something. People with disabilities are not statistics.