We help find the right match for your business needs, saving you both time and money.

There is no cost for us to match your business needs with qualified employees; it saves you time and money. As an added benefit, we can also help you leverage marketing and public relations opportunities in your community.

If you want a staff that is diverse, then we are interested in building a long-term relationship that will help you fill your employment gaps. Working with a local nonprofit allows you to give back to your community and build a future that will last.

Hundreds of businesses each year choose Entrust Community Services to complete contract work, respond to onsite business needs, or hire a worker to join their team. People with disabilities are committed and truly enjoy their job; this results in higher morale that brightens the workplace.

We serve as an employment agency, providing companies employees who are trained and ready to work, at no cost to employers.

In the U.S. employers can apply for three different tax incentive programs meant to encourage hiring qualified people with disabilities and to defray certain costs associated with providing accommodations.

Small Business Tax Credit: IRS Code Section 44, Disabled Access Credit
Certain small businesses may take an annual tax credit for making their businesses accessible to persons with disabilities. The amount is based on a company's expenditures and has a maximum benefit of $5,000, which is subtracted from the total tax liability. For more information on what expenditures are covered and how to make a claim, contact the Office of Associate Counsel, IRS, Passthrough and Special Industries at 202-622-3110.

Architectural/Transportation Tax Deduction: IRS Code Section 190, Barrier Removal
Businesses may take an annual deduction for expenses incurred to remove physical, structural, and transportation barriers for persons with disabilities at the workplace. This takes the form of a tax deduction of up to $15,000 a year for expenses incurred to remove barriers for people with disabilities. For more information on what expenditures are covered and how to make a claim, contact the Office of Associate Counsel, IRS, Passthrough and Special Industries at 202-622-3110.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
WOTC provides a tax credit for employers who hire certain targeted, low-income groups, including SSI recipients or certified vocational rehabilitation (VR) referrals. The local State Employment Security Agency (SESA) provides the WOTC certification. For more information on how this program works, consult the U.S. Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration.

Employers should also check with state, county, and municipal agencies to determine if these entities provide tax incentives for employing people with disabilities.

Entrusts’ clients represent a diverse labor pool with a variety of skillsets to match with your employment needs. We provide staffing for all sectors of business, civic, and non-profit organizations.

Examples of positions for clients with disabilities

  • Grocery store: courtesy clerk, cart wrangler, stocker, greeter (we’ve even had a client progress to dairy manager at a major chain grocery store)
  • Office setting: scanning, copying, data entry, archiving, janitorial
  • Retail setting: checkout clerk, stocker, janitorial
  • Restaurants: Food prep, cook, cashier, janitorial

Examples of positions for clients experiencing barriers to employment

  • Truck drivers
  • Forklift drivers
  • General labor
  • Office jobs: human resources, office manager or assistant, secretary, receptionist
  • Bank teller
  • Pharmacy assistant
  • Data, business, or financial analyst
  • Call center or helpdesk

We can match our client’s talent and abilities to your open positions.

Our clients want to work. That’s why they come to Entrust. Most of our clients have simply encountered some barrier which has made it difficult for them to find employment. That could be a disability, recovery from addiction, homelessness, or other challenge. We work with our clients and partner-employers at no cost to overcome those barriers, prepare our clients for employment, and ease the transition into the workplace.

Our clients are reliable, committed, and motivated to keep working. Our process ensures that anyone you hire from our diverse labor pool will be a good fit for the position and Entrust provides ongoing professional support for you and your employee.